2014 funders

We raised $15,921.50 out of $16,000 for our 2015 budget!*

2014 fundraising statement:

We are hoping to double our budget for 2015 — to $16,000 — in order to meet the reading needs of every LGBTQ-identified prisoner in the United States who writes to our project. We ask that you consider making a recurring donation in any amount to help us meet this goal.

The idea is this: If a large number of people donate small amounts on a monthly basis, we’ll have a sustainable and predictable funding base. In 2014, we sent almost 2000 packages, each containing up to five books, to prisoners across the United States. These books will be read and reread as they are passed around inside prisons. Donations made sending these books possible: we spent close to $8,000 on postage for those 2000 packages last year.

But those 2000 packages are not enough. Financial constraints have prevented us from responding to letters from Texas, which has one of the largest prison populations in the nation.

This year, we’ve committed to responding to every LGBTQ-identified prisoner who writes in, and we’ll spend about $16,000 doing so — again, mostly on postage. This breaks down to 266 people giving $5 each month; 133 people giving $10 each month; or 87 people giving $15 each month.

Our heartfelt thanks to 2014 donors:

Marilyn C.
Teresa N.
Spring G.
Melissa C.
Rachel G.
Carmen H.
Jazmin I.
Nicole M.
Pia S.
Liz D.
Anthony B.
Kurt B.
Mia F.
Tomás R. C.
Gabe J.
Marisol L.
Mia F.
Richard C.
Victoria W.
BobbyJo K.
Ellis F.
Dennis L.
Karma C.
Irene T. M.
Katherine C. B.
Debbie R.
Alison B.
Joanna L.
Abbey M.
Lena O.
Herta P.
Erica H.
Rae M.
Joanne T.
Jane S.
Dennis Bergren
Gabe J.
Marisol L.
Debbie C.
Linda A.
Chris K.
Britt T.
Dee L.
Brian H.
Taran C.
New Harvest Foundation Grant
Neil S.
Caitlin T.-R.
Jean B.
Madison Community Cooperative
Kristen C.
Geraldine O.
Lisa C.
Anna L.
Hilary G.
Kyle R.
Jeremy G.
Yanee F.
Johannes W.
Shinsuke E.
Marie G.
Deena L.
Becky B.
Virginia L.
Sophia W.
Anthony L.
Mari M. & Tom S
Megan P.
Katrine R.
Brooke R.
Molly B.
Dani B.
Whitney G.
Andrea S.
Daniel U.
Craig S.
Kelsey C.
Chris & Arlene B.
Katy K.
Wendy S.
Mary L.
Jess B.
James Reeb Unitarian
Universalist Congregation
Nomes L.
Kathryn B.
Anders Z.
Sande J.
Judy M.
Cedric J.

* How are we calculating this number? Since we’re encouraging people to sign up for monthly donations, we multiply each monthly donation by 12 and count that toward our overall 2015 budget of $16,000. This means that people who donate $5 a month are contributing a total of $60 toward our goal!