As we celebrate Bisexuality Day and look forward to National Coming Out Day, help us reach as many LGBTQ people in prison as possible.

Over the next three weeks, our volunteers are going to work extra hours to respond to a huge stack of requests for books.

But we need a sponsor for every package that we send in this period.

$5 will send one package of three to five books to an LGBTQ person in prison. $10 will ensure that two people get a great package of books.

Prefer to make your donation recurring? Donating $5, $10 or $20 a month will allow us to send books every month to someone in need.


We’ve sent 209 packages since the Fall Fundraiser began on September 22. We need $1,045 to send all these packages. So far, we’ve raised $1,045.*

* We’ll use any extra money raised during our Fall Fundraiser to send book packages to LGBT people in prison during the rest of the year.